Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dating Older Women

I was chatting with a nice lady who had come across my Yahoo profile and sent an IM telling me she liked the picture. She's 48, a little meat on her but all things considered, not bad looking. We had a nice conversation and she mentioned a couple times that shes not the type to be IM'ing strangers but liked that my photo was discreet. Her workday ended and she added me as a friend.

This morning, up pops an instant message from my new friend who had just woke up. While chatting I mentioned that a guy just a message asking if I was bisexual. I mentioned it because she had noticed there seemed to be a lot of gay guys on Yahoo. She asked if I was bi and I mentioned my one MMF but explained that was the extent of my "hands on" experience. She opened up a little and said she had the opportunity for the threesome with a female friend but declined in the end. I knew she was married and I was curious about when this happened. She said that it was just two years ago at a time when she very frustrated in her marriage. Even now, the marriage is not strong but she accepts where she is, right now.

She talked about how she suddenly wanted more once she hit her 40's and could not be fulfilled by her husband. That she became much more open-minded and wanted to experience things. She cheated with a couple men. She bought her first toy, tried thongs and then no underwear. She now shaves. I must admit I was a bit surprised by her admissions.

She has family that lives not too far away from me. Maybe it's just testosterone getting the better of my thought processes but I believe if she came up for a visit she would be willing to have a roll in the sack.